Glen of Imaal Terrier Health

On the OFA site just click on SURVEYS then scroll down and click on Glen of Imaal Terrier. GITCA is taking part in a great tool offered by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. A custom health survey has been done for our breed. Please partake it will be a great benefit to our breed. If you have any questions please contact a Health Committee member. Got to

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PRA REPORT November 2009

Maura High, GITCA Health Chair reports, “I had a chance to speak briefly with Dr. Acland recently about the Glen of Imaal PRA Research and he is very encouraged by the progress of this study. His laboratory has been successful in mapping the disease and I am hopeful that a DNA test will soon be forthcoming from all the hard work. I expect that this research will be at a stage to presented in full detail by the time of an international eye research conference next Spring/Summer. Dr. Acland and I are bound by confidentiality restraints so I am unable to provide more details than this right now but I am confident that there will soon be good news for the Glen of Imaal regarding PRA.” Thanks for the update Maura. This is long awaited and hoped for news.

Many sources cite that the Glen is free of hereditary defects. This is probably a gross overstatement. Any breed of dog carries recessive genes for a host of universal canine defects that can and will emerge. It is true, however, that the Glen has been particularly fortunate in this regard...SO FAR!

   Incidents of an eye disorder, PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) have been reported. Testing of American stock confirmed that the incidents of the disease are isolated so far. All breeding stock should test “not affected” or not be bred. However, current testing only detects affected stock, not carriers. We hope to benefit from current DNA research being done at Cornell University here in America which will enable breeders to do a simple DNA test to identify carriers. There is a similar DNA research program going on in the UK as well.

Hip dysplasia, common to most breeds, has been identified in Glens as well. Testing for it by x-ray is done by respected breeders. In fact, breeders with the Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America sign breeders Code of Ethics *(link: see end) stating that all their breeding stock has been tested prior to breeding. Breeders are also committed to a frank exchange of information and submit test results to an international data base.

Skin irritations are a common problem among all terriers, and the Glen is no exception. In most cases, the eruptions are a result of flea allergies. There appears to be a genetic predisposition to such allergic reactions. Your breeder can provide you with history of this problem - if it exists - in the lines of his/her breeding program.